About Puramundo

Puramundo (pure world) aims to deliver a world leading recycling service for commercial and industrial hazardous liquid wastes. Many industries use toxic chemicals to produce the majority of products or to provide the services that we take for granted and may use every day. These toxic chemicals have special properties that make them ideally suited to give the best results for the job that they do (drycleaning your clothes, for example). Handled correctly they are safe to use, but these same properties can also make them harmful to the environment if toxic waste left behind at the end of the process ends up in the landfill and leaches into the environment. Using world leading technology developed in New Zealand by Solvent Rescue, rendering hazardous waste inert and converting organic residues to new products for re-use, helps divert waste from landfill.

Puramundo™ helps industry to close the loop towards 100% recycling.


Pick Up

Arranging collection is as simple as a call to us. And is securely tracked by the Ministry for the Environments web based WasteTrack system. www.wastetrack.co.nz.
Following your call, we will email all the relevant freight documentation and consignment labels for printing and attaching to the consignment. Any amount can be picked up from anywhere in the country by Mainfreight direct from your place to our place.

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The puramundo™ solution uses unique technology developed in New Zealand by our parent company Solvent Rescue Ltd. This technology (we call it our Super Critical Water Reactor) treats the toxic perchloroethylene (perc) chemical waste from the dry cleaning process. We first recover and clean most of the perc from the waste to recycle for use again. The reactor then destroys residual perc traces and converts fats, oils, grease and other organic matter to bio-crude oil. The reactor works by subjecting organic matter to the same high temperature and high pressure conditions that replicate Mother Nature and makes hydrocarbon bio-crude oil that closely resembles Texas light crude.

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Product Recycling

The solvents recovered are able to be reused for their original purpose in industry. The bio-crude oil formed by the process can be re-used as a furnace fuel or refined further at a refinery to higher grade fuels.

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